The Reprieve is a tale of love, betrayal, infidelity and redemption.


   Ali and Will have been married for fourteen years, but their unshakeable faith in each other is tested after the revelation of an affair. Bruised and resentful, they retreat to their tiny cottage in Cornwall in an attempt to decide between reconciliation or divorce.


   Events overtake them however, when Ali meets with an accident, sustaining a head injury that results in temporary but profound amnesia.


   As Ali is left floundering in a wilderness of blank spaces, Will suddenly finds himself in the unique position of being a complete stranger to the woman who has shared his life – and his bed – for so long.


   They are just beginning to find the patience and the tenderness to reconnect with each other once again when a visit by the police shatters this fragile amnesty.


   Their investigation reveals that Ali was not the only victim in the accident which caused her amnesia, and precipitates a crisis of confidence that threatens to derail them both.


5 star reviews for The Reprieve...


"A thoroughly enjoyable read!"

A great storyline, really well fleshed out with fab characters & imagery"


"I never saw this one coming!"

What a great story this is! Twists and turns that pull all the emotional strings..."



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