Leo Cartwright is an eminent psychologist and therapist. He is also a werewolf and at fifty-three is getting tired of living with his curse.


Emma Calthrop is an outwardly successful veterinary surgeon. At forty-four she is lonely, unfulfilled and futilely in love with her boss. For her, life is a journey she is has yet to start.


Driving home late one night, she swerves to avoid hitting a creature of myth and legend. Curiosity and disbelief lead her to follow Leo into the woods – and ultimately into a relationship that is literally kill or cure.


Yet Leo isn’t the only one with a secret and Emma knows that she must combat demons of her own if they are to find the tools to save each other.



Coming soon...

Moondance is a work in progress. Watch this space for excerpts and updates.

Download a copy of Chapter 1 to read now.

Moondance Chapter 1: "Oak"
Emma meets the werewolf.
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